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Welcome to KPMG Tech Playground

This is a free resource to teach people about technology.

Tech Clubs

Starting in early 2022, we will be hosting a live monthly session to help teach the next generation of technologists about different technologies and how to use them. Each month we will look into a new technology and give participants hands-on experience playing with it.

Some of the subjects we will be covering:

  • Programming
  • Cloud computing
  • Building websites
  • Creating a chat bot
  • Visualising data

Each session will be 30-60 minutes long, and include everything you need for a self contained lesson (worksheets, examples, questions, answers, teacher notes).

If you are interested in joining us for these events then please signup here.

Can't wait until 2022?

Checkout some of the previous playgrounds we have run to teach the fundamentals of Python programming.