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Introduction to Python — Session 5

In this session we cover:

  • Importing modules
  • Random/Math library
  • While loops
  • Shorthand arithmetic
  • Infinite loops
  • Break statements

Write your code


Section A

  1. Print 10 random numbers
  2. Keep asking the user to enter a number until they enter the number 7, then print "Wow lucky number 7!"
    1. Rewrite so that the number being guessed is a random value from 1 to 10
  3. The area of a rectangle is width multiplied by height. Ask the user to enter a width and height in cm, then print the area to the whole square metre. E.g. 240cm x 80cm = 19200cm2 = 2m2
  4. Ask the user for a password, if they enter the password "qwerty123", print "You have successfully logged in". If they get it wrong, print "Password failure" and then ask them to enter it again. Only allow them to enter the password wrong 3 times before printing "System Locked!"
  5. Add up all the numbers from 1 to 500 and print the answer
  6. Create a blank list. Ask the user to input 10 numbers (one should be the number 99) into the list. Find the index at which the user entered the number 99
  7. Print a multiplication table for the number 18 up to 15. E.g. 1 x 18 = 18 2 x 18 = 36
  8. Print the numbers 1 to 100 (including the number 100) using a while loop
  9. Rewrite question B8 from session 3 using a while loop:
    • A school has following rules for their grading system:
      1. Above 80 – A
      2. 60 to 80 – B
      3. 50 to 60 – C
      4. 45 to 50 – D
      5. 25 to 45 – E
      6. Below 25 - F
    • Ask user to enter the lesson and the marks for three lessons and print out the corresponding grades for the lesson.
  10. Ask the user to enter the names of people who entered a prize draw. Select a random winner and print their name
  11. Create a rock, paper, scissors game which is run against computer. This is a game where you select either rock/paper/scissors and you compare it to your opponents choice. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, scissors beats paper. If both choose the same, then you play again
    • Expand this so that its best of 3 games


See the code for each answer on our GitHub!