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Introduction to Python — Session 6

In this session we cover:

  • Tuples/Sets
  • Dictionaries
  • Nested Collections

Write your code


Section A

  1. Create the following dictionary for an apple: Type = "Bramley", Price = 0.39, Colour = "Green".
  2. Add the best before date to the dictionary - print the dictionary.
  3. Change the price to 0.41 - print the dictionary.
  4. Set the apple to be on offer using a Boolean - print the dictionary.
  5. The offer has now expired, remove the key/value from the dictionary - print the dictionary.

Section B

  1. Ask the user to enter a persons name, if they enter a name, ask for the persons age. Store this information in a dictionary inside a list. Continue to ask for names until no name is given. Then print out all of the names and ages collected.
  2. Create a restaurants menu with 5 items. Store this information in a dictionary inside a list. Each item in the menu should have the name of the item, the price and if it's vegetarian friendly (make at least one vegetarian friendly dish). Print out the entire menu. Print out the name of the vegetarian option(s).
  3. The beetle game is a dice game where depending on what you roll is how much of the beetle you can draw.
    • If you roll a 6, you can draw the body
    • If you roll a 5, you can draw the head
    • If you roll a 4, you can draw the legs (but remember, you cannot draw legs without a body)
    • If you roll a 3, you can draw the antenna (but remember, you cannot draw antenna without a head)
    • If you roll a 2, you can draw the eyes (but remember, you cannot draw eyes without a head)
    • If you roll a 1, you can draw the mouth (but remember, you cannot draw a mouth without a head)
    • You need 6 legs, 2 antenna, 2 eyes, 1 mouth.
    • The player to complete the beetle in the fewest rolls of the dice wins.
    • Create the beetle game.


See the code for each answer on our GitHub!